Grig | Tortle Barbarian

Born along the coastline of the Dual Territory, Grig had been a wandering mercenary for as long as he can remember, which, quite frankly, wasn’t that long. Or perhaps, as the old (and only?) tortle bard once said, time doesn’t truly begin until we cease our solitary ways….

So, time for Grig thus began with Tarkxa. Slow but solid where Tarkxa is lithe and dextrous, when Grig stepped into a fray, little did he know that he would soon share the life he would save. The lizardfolk ranger swore a life debt to the tortle and the life they now share proves full of dangerous opportunities for repayment! However, they’ve both saved each other’s lives so many times, neither are counting anymore.

What they are counting, however, are jewels. So when Hybald Tatlock gets a line on the stolen crown jewels of Crixotor, Tarkxa and Grig join the Zoo, alongside a tabaxi and a kenku.