Bersaba “Beli Pestle” Pellowe | Halfling Rogue

For three years now Bersaba’s been on board The Mermaid’s Gold, and for three years, the other pirates have believed she was a boy called “Beli.” The captain’s been too preoccupied with his hunt for the white kraken to take any notice. Besides, it’s probably for the best that no one knows the truth, for they’d all be in danger if they did. “Beli Kestle” is just an innocent boy, whereas “Bersaba Pellowe” is wanted in Egugulia for murder. 

Bersaba knows she can’t be blamed for her actions; she was only defending herself. It’s not her fault the yeoman’s son fought back. It’s not her fault he was the one with key to the vault. If he’d only just handed it over, she would have got the sack of gold she came for and been on her way. 

And now, with the airheaded, dangerously curious cleric aboard, Bersaba can only dodge questions for so long.