Marissa Diggle | Halfling Oracle

For twenty years now, Marissa has followed her visions. They first came to her as a young girl— images of heroes, or rather, those who could become heroes. Her visions at first seemed a curse, for none in her small village of Greenham believed her. But Marissa could not ignore what she foresaw. 

As weak as the connection to the astral plane was in Greenham, if Marissa wished to pursue her true purpose, she had to leave. From town to town, kingdom to kingdom, she wandered, making a living by telling fortunes, all while she followed her visions and sought those meant for something greater. 

And now, Marissa has had a vision of a young girl, one much like she herself once was: intelligent, but reluctant; strong, but afraid to embrace her power. It will take time to train the young aasimar, but time is something they do not have….