Captain Gordon Frostbeard | Dwarf Paladin

With city walls standing tall and their temples polished like glass, the dwarves of the Grey Key have always been a rather insular sort. But it was a matter of honour that first sent Gordon south to fight off the invaders along the eastern shore. What was once a noble cause turned into decades of desperate peacekeeping. From orc bandits, goblin marauders, to Fuvian thugs, Gordon fought everything that snarled at him the wrong way. 

But now he’s fleeing from something worse. And he can’t quite tell what it is… or where it is. The road might be long and the days hard, but there’s something greater at work here and Gordon can only pray it’s the machinations of a just god. 

By commission

(Based on a character created by Gregg Shannon for – you guessed it – the Lost Mine of Phandelver module, with which I took great liberties as DM. Ever the full-service DM, I also painted that Gordon mini.)