Pak | Changeling Fighter

As a changeling, Pak can get by anywhere. Though Pak does not ascribe to a single gender (or species), they go by the name Kaleb Stone, a human. Pak has been training as a fighter, desperate to prove themself ever since they were young. They were conscripted into the Grelon army (as is any human in the Grelon Empire), and quickly found something they were good at. 

One day, Axis Silkclover, the Archmaster of the Brotherhood of the Air, singled out Pak (perhaps, suspecting their true heritage), and Pak was quickly seduced by the allure of the war. Pak pledged their allegiance to the Grelon Empire and vowed to fight as best they can. But as the war raged on, Pak’s skills were put to use guarding the Council of Echoes, the more occult-leaning military wing of the Grelons.

But the Council of Echoes will teach Pak that war is a far fouler thing than they ever thought possible.