Geedimmy | Gnome Alchemist

Deep in the foothills of the Fractured Mountains, in a small cottage with cherry-scented smoke piping from the chimney, lives one of the most powerful alchemists in the Inverted Territories. But Geedimmy does not squander her talent on weapons of war— as some she has known would have liked— but rather on sweet confectionery stuffed with healing potions. 

As Fractured Fancies (patent pending) became known throughout the land, Geedimmy has had to fend off more than one unwanted visitor. But when a strange elf (who has clearly been alone for far too long) wanders down from the temple in the mountains, Geedimmy suspects this might be more than the average weirdo with a sweet tooth. 

A dark foe is stalking the woods and Geedimmy’s canny abilities might be the only thing able to stop it.