Snake-Hiss | Kenku Warlock

Cast out of their plane of existence in the Fracturing, all kenku carry with them an ancient curse—the inability to fly, the inability to speak freely, and the inability to be creative. But what Snake-Hiss truly wants is his to go back home—to his own plane of existence. And he’ll do anything in order to do so. He sold his mercenary skills to the demon, Vakorin, to work for ten years doing whatever his master wishes, after which the curse will be lifted. 

And now, after nine and a half years, Vakorin has ordered Snake-Hiss on his most deadly mission yet – to seize the crown jewels of Crixotor. For, as Vakorin has heard, Hybald Tatlock is putting together a team of mercenaries to steal the jewels, and he orders Snake-Hiss to join Hybald’s s0-called “Zoo,” alongsize a tabaxi, a tortle and his lizard-folk partner

Keeping his true motivations a secret should be simple enough, as Snake-Hiss cannot give himself away, but what will happen when he discovers that his master has a master of his own?