Essa Byrch | Human Cleric

Essa was never meant for life on the sea. Since the age of five, she’s trained to serve Qynia, the Goddess Of Beauty, and such a calling is supposed to come with many rewards— including all the pleasures and comforts necessary to please the goddess. She’s imagined an existence in one of Qynia’s temples, but one in any of the castles would do. 

Even the temple in Notynk, where she is supposed to be, would have been better than this. The Land of Thistrelea is famous for its fine wines, after all, and all she’s had since is sour whiskey. The sea voyage to Thistrelea was dismal at best, but it certainly took a turn when The Mermaid’s Gold attacked. It really was a sad state of affairs, how poorly the sailors of her own vessel fared. They were dispatched with so easily. Pathetic, really. 

And to think, the captain of this awful vessel actually thinks Essa can channel her divine energy into his hapless hunt for some sea beast? Ugh. Well. At least the little halfling boy seems friendly.