Katharina Hartwell | Half-Halfling Cleric

Katharina doesn’t remember anything before the age of seven. Feverish and near-mad she was, as she opened her eyes to gaze up at a darkening sky. “Hush now,” her mother stroked her hair. “Nearly there.” The wheels of the apple cart bounced on the rocky path cut into the heath. In every direction, silhouettes moved in the mist. Perhaps they were hallucinations. 

In the score of years to follow, her mother would never discuss what happened that caused them to flee to the Crixotor Dynasty. And Katharina learned not to ask. After her mother died— leaving Katharina with nothing but a small, locked chest without a key— she devoted herself to Ciella, goddess of knowledge. 

She hoped this would provide her with the contentment she has always sought, but there’s something inside Katharina that can’t be settled…