Burgess “Silver Teeth” Drake | Half-Elf Swashbuckler

Silver Teeth was born on the high seas. His mother was the most formidable pirate who ever sailed; a swashbuckler like her son, Penelo Drake commanded the fleet of over 1800 ships that sailed under her red flag. When she retired with her countless chests of treasure, the wealthiest elf in eleven kingdoms, she even bought her son his silver teeth.

Though never ambitious enough to command his own ship, Silver Teeth was happy to settle in as First Mate of the Mermaid’s Gold. The wind on his face and the sea glittering off into the horizon is all he needs to keep himself happy. That, and fine whisky and a rousing game of dice.

But all that might soon change. His captain is hell-bent on finding a fabled kraken and their newest recruit, a young druid, just too his wild shape for the first time… the shape of a kraken.