Paola Clandancer | Aasimar Paladin

It’s never easy being a Child of Destiny. In the agricultural region of Mournvale, the villagers have long spoken of how the gods once walked these fields. (Some may even have sown a few seeds of their own!)

Born to two penniless farmers, Paola first showed hints of her celestial blood around the age of five when her eyes began to shimmer like pale opals—a sign she was touched by the angel Ophiel. The locals (desperate, perhaps, to ease the infernal blight on their lands) quickly labelled her the Chosen One, a mantle Paola has worn with a touch of reluctance ever since.

As the dark force amass on the horizon, the others look to Paola to save them. But is she even a Chosen One? Does she even have the celestial power within her or is this all some horrible mistake?