Geysis Hydrox | Water Genasi Druid

Geysis remembers little of life before the pirates of The Mermaid’s Gold, captained by the grim Doussuk Shadowbrewer, scooped him from the wreckage at the age of seven. What he does remember comes in little images here and there: the wooden docks sinking; his mother screaming; and the great thing that came from the sea and ruined it all.

Now a young man, Geysis has tried to leave his druidic life behind for that of a swashbuckler. But life as a pirate can be both jolly and brutal in equal measure, even for a water genasi who should not fear the sea. When a skirmish with a rival ship sends the wounded Geysis overboard, he finds himself gasping beneath the waves. Just as he feels life slipping away something suddenly overcomes him. His arms unfurl out into tentacles, his mouth shifts into a gaping maw.

He is taking his wild shape for the first time. He is becoming a kraken… the very beast that destroyed everything. Will he be able to control it or will it control him?