Doussuk Shadowbrewer | Dwarven Monk

Rare though it is that a mountain dwarf like Doussuk would ever take to the seas, alas, here he is. It has been his father’s idea, way back when. “A quicker route to the city,” he had said, “We’ll have sold our wares and be back before the first snows touch the foothills.”

They were only at sea for all of three days when the beast attacked. And now, thirty years later, Doussuk has made a life on the waves—as Captain of The Mermaid’s Gold—forever in search of his white whale… or, rather, the wrathful albino kraken that killed his father.

And now, one of his crew—the young druid Doussuk has raised since he was a boy—has taken his wild shape for the first time… the shape of a kraken. Will Doussuk be able to control his young charge or will the water genasi’s new power destroy them all?