Killian Ransley | Tiefling Assassin

Killian has always revelled in his fiendish heritage, but when a wild night in one of the seedier parts of the city of Zutava ended with him waking up in a coffin, things took a turn so sharp it would have curled his blood (if he still had any).

Soon after his first murder spree, Killian was recruited by the Order of the Unseen, a league of dark and fiendish assassins. With the Order, Killian found a way to both satisfy his bloodlust and make a living. What better way to hide a targeted hit than making it look like a rogue vampire attack?

But now, after a botched, messy job after hitting a main artery, Killian’s on the run from Cos Hrokri, the famed monster hunter. But—fearful of their secrets getting out—the unforgiving Unseen might just get to him first.