Deaphno Dephavan | Dragonborn Wizard

Deaphno is the rare case of two dragonborns getting it on. (It was a strange night at the inn, let me tell you.) With her father the offspring of a cold-breathing white dragon, her mother the offspring of a fire-breathing red, upon hatching, Deaphno turned out a rather sickly shade of pink with no magic breath to speak of (cold- and fire-breath cancelling each other out, apparently).

Disappointed in the fruit of their loins, Deaphno’s parents shrugged their shoulders and left her to her magic-less fate. Undeterred, Deaphno hit the books to learn as much about the arcane as she could. But, as she stepped out of the cloister, a freshly forged wizard, no one was willing to trust the pink and scaly scholar.

But alongside her familiar, a fey gecko named Leonard, Deaphno is ready to prove to her parents—and everyone else—just how powerful she can be.