Jistria “Ice Queen” Ylladi | Half-Elf Sorceress

Jistria was never very good at letting things go. Some might say that’s how she ended up with a giant ice castle, what with the townsfolk running her out with pitchforks and all. What else is the point of having infinite ice-wielding power without the ability to build yourself a giant ice castle, anyway? Sure, they might jokingly call her the “Ice Queen,” but it’s not like rent is cheap these days.

Besides, it’s not Jistria’s fault she can shoot snowballs from her fingertips; maybe her mother lied when she said her father was “100% elf.” At this point, Jistria doesn’t care. All she’s bothered by are the tales she’s heard recently of a fire-breathing red dragon ravaging the desert lands to the south. What better to combat fire than ice?

So now the very same townsfolk who ran her out have come crawling back. But does Jistria have it in her to help or is she better off keeping to herself?