Momo von Floof | Tabaxi Bard

While most bards claim to spend an inordinate amount of time eating, sleeping, and grooming, Momo does do more than most. She’s known around all twelve kingdoms for her beautiful fur, so how else does anyone expect her to keep it so luxurious? These things require maintenance, you know.

If you ask Momo, the only thing more lovely than her coat is her voice (as long as she’s hairball-free, that is). Her reputation is beginning to grow. Why, just last week, she brought the house down at the Rotten Tuba Bar, which isn’t bad for a dockside dive. Even the hardened harbourfolk were weeping by the end. Momo didn’t even mind that all they could pay her with was tuna fish.  

But that smooth purr of a voice hides the wildness of chaotic evil.