Zaleria Quikrana | Elven Cleric

For over seven hundred years, Zaleria has stood alone over the temple of Thyana, deep in the heart of the tallest peak of the Fractured Mountains, where some say the walls between the worlds are at their thinnest. Known for its shimmering green facade, the temple has long been a destination for those seeking guidance.

Brought to the temple as a young child to survive in solitude, Zaleria has known no other life than that of a devoted priestess. But now, as rumours come to her of a great foe stalking the villages scattered about the foothills, Zaleria senses a great evil at work. As the situation grows dire, she knows what she must do.

Even as the laws of the temple state that the temple must never be abandoned, the guidance from Thyana is clear: Zaleria must leave.